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2023 Thanksgiving Blue Bag Event: Fathers Who Cares

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

On November 18, 2023 Food For Friends sponsored the Father Who Cares organization for the 3rd year in a row for their Thanksgiving Food Drive by donating 100 turkeys and

blue bags. During this event we were able to distribute over 100 turkeys and canned goods to those within the community.

Volunteers serving with Father Who Cares
Volunteers preparing Thanksgiving blue bags with turkeys

Volunteers gathered at Michele Clark Highschool at 5101 W Harrison St, Chicago, IL organizing a seamless distribution process. As the aroma of turkeys filled the air, families lined up with gratitude in their hearts. The event not only provided nourishment but also fostered a sense of community and shared joy during the holiday season, highlighting the power of collective compassion on Chicago's west side.

It was such a wonderful event and the Father Who Cares organization was very grateful for our support with many other vendors. We even got a visit from the mayor himself!

This act of kindness reflects the collective commitment to making the holiday season a time of abundance, kindness, and inclusivity for everyone, reinforcing the bonds that tie us together as a society.


For more pictures visit our Facebook Album titled, 11-18-23 Thanksgiving Blue Bag Event: Fathers Who Cares.


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