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2023 Christmas Blue Bags at Wells Temple of Deliverance Community Development Center

Donating turkeys during the Christmas season carries significant importance as it embodies the spirit of giving and kindness inherent to the holiday. The symbolic nature of a festive meal, centered around a Christmas turkey, extends beyond mere sustenance.

On Friday December 15, 2023 Food For Friends partnered with the Wells Temple of Deliverance Community Development Center for their Christmas drive located on 2739 W Madison St, Chicago, IL by donating and distributing 80 turkeys and a box full of groceries.

Founded in 2013, Wells Temple of Deliverance Community Development Corporation is an IRS-recognized 501©(3) nonprofit corporation. Their organization is committed to serving the East/West Garfield Park Community.  A community that remains heavily disinvested and still affected by decades of segregation and discrimination. They began by establishing a food pantry, offering financial workshops, a computer class, and providing weekly meals through their Food for the Soul outreach. They have garnered recognition from the Congressman and Alderman for the work that they've done thus far within this community. 

Being able to assist with this event becomes a gesture of goodwill, ensuring that families facing financial hardships can partake in the warmth and togetherness of a holiday feast. By contributing to turkey donations, individuals contribute to the creation of cherished memories and shared moments of joy during a time when the importance of family and community is magnified. This act of generosity not only provides nourishment but also fosters a sense of hope and solidarity, emphasizing that, regardless of circumstances, everyone deserves the chance to experience the magic of Christmas with a bountiful and hearty meal. Everyone from the Wells Temple of Deliverance Community Development Center was so grateful and overwhelmed with joy from the generous donation that Food For Friends was able to provide.  


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