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Shopping program

Fellowship Housing Partnership

For several years, Food For Friends (FFF) has partnered with Fellowship Housing (FH), an organization that serves the needs of single moms and their children.

This is a great way we can provide “hands on opportunities” to volunteers to work through Food For Friends and serve single moms.

FFF coordinates and serves holiday and special event meals throughout the year for FH families. One of the most meaningful ways we serve FH families is with our shopping program.  FFF has been blessed with the resources to sponsor eight FH moms by providing groceries for 1-2 month period. Our assistance with groceries provides the ability for some of the moms to make significant progress in paying off debt and allowing them to save for the future. In some cases, the grocery assistance comes in critical times for these moms.

The shopping program involves only an hour or two of your time and you get a chance to meet with and take a mom shopping.  Our VOLUNTEERS are the key in making this program successful.  Volunteers are asked to coordinate a shopping trip with a sponsored mom, pay for the groceries which are 100% reimbursed by our organization within 5 business days.  These moms are so deserving of this support, just knowing that for that short period they can count on food for their families without any worries. This is truly a blessing!

We are always looking for volunteers to accompany a mom shopping.  The groceries are 100% reimbursed by FFF.  For more information or to volunteer please email us.


Christina Chacon


I just wanted to show my appreciation for Food For Friends.  This is a great program and my family truly feels blessed to be a part of it.  Your giving spirit and warm hearts have made a difference in my household.  Again thank you for thinking of us and sharing your precious donations and time.  


Kindest Regards, Renada

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