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4.3.21 Ewing Annex Hotel Easter Meal

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

We would like to thank Barbara for this article and the four volunteers who served at this event. For more pictures from this event, go to our album on Facebook titled 2021-04-03 Ewing Annex Hotel .


On Saturday, April 3, 2021, Food For Friends ministry continued our ongoing initiative to provide meals to the men at the Ewing Annex Hotel. The Ewing Annex Hotel is the last standing single-occupancy housing for men in transition in Chicago, IL.

We planned to serve the Easter meal on-site, to make it a little special for the occasion. Previously all meals since Covid were distributed prepackaged.

Dan Veles, owner of Lee ‘n Eddies Catering, arrived at the hotel with trays of food and took care of the set up. Four volunteers were there to serve the meal to the men.

Once the food was all laid out on tables for the serving line, the men were greeted and we provided a brief history of the ministry. We then invited the men to come in small groups to get their meals. The men had the opportunity to select what they wanted as they went through the food line. We filled their styrofoam containers with Sliced Turkey, Glazed Ham, pasta, potatoes, greens, meat balls, French roll and a brownie.

In order to minimize the risk of the men and volunteers, everyone wore a mask. Blessings and thank yous were exchanged during that time.

The men all enjoyed the meal and grateful for Food For Friends volunteers. This monthly meal serving is such a treat to the men and they are all so appreciative that we have the resources to provide them with this monthly meal.

Thank you so much to our donors! We continue to be grateful for the resources and the opportunity to serve these men.

Barbara Gaona


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