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3.12.2022 ChristChurch Mobile Food Pantry

In partnership with our friends at ChristChurch in Vernon Hills, we were able to lock arms together in working all things new for God's purpose. For this gathering, there were 108 families provided with a week's worth of groceries, where cars were lined up across the parking lot and out to the road for the entirety of the event. By no coincidence, we were able to give the last portion of food from the truck to the very last car that came through. Truly beautiful how God provides through His people!

These mobile food events not only provide much needed sustenance to people going through rough times, but act as a wonderful outlet for a small group of caring people to work together and love neighbors from their community.

________________________________________________For more pictures from this event, go to our album on Facebook titled 2022-03-12 Christ Church Mobile Food Pantry



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