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11.23.2021 Journey's Thanksgiving Meal

On Tuesday, November 23rd, a wonderful volunteer group from Food For Friends brought delicious catered Thanksgiving meals for 60 people to JOURNEYS and served the food to JOURNEYS clients in the HOPE Center. It was a smaller group than expected, but that did not stop the volunteers from fulfilling their mission. One volunteer said, “this is serving us more than it is serving them.”

The clients that did come in for meals were very excited about the different style of Thanksgiving dinner, specifically the Turkey roll ups with stuffing inside. The clients loved the food so much that some even came up for seconds! Their bellies were full of yummy food and their hearts were full of gratitude! All of the food that was leftover was able to be used at the HOPE Center throughout the week. Thank you to Food For Friends for all of the good work you do. We are so grateful for this new partnership and look forward to working with you in the future!



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