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A Message of Hope and Thanks This Season

Message from the President

As we approach this Thanksgiving 2022 holiday, we have so much to be grateful and thankful for. However, there are many people in our towns who are homeless and hungry, wondering where their next meal and warm shelter will come from. Houselessness is on the rise for so many reasons, and it includes men women and children. Still there are other working people and families who are struggling to put food on the table, or wrestle if they should pay rent or buy gas for the car. We don’t judge how they got there, instead our Food For Friends organization comes along side these neighbors and offer smiles and HOPE for a better tomorrow. Thank you for your generous support in 2022 to help people in our towns in a small way, to CONNECT and GIVE HOPE to people struggling. Below is a recap of what you supported this past weekend handing out turkeys and bags of food, and the next couple days 8 Thanksgiving meals across our area. If you would like to donate, please visit our website at and click on the donation button, any amount helps people struggling for food. Just a reminder Food For Friends is an all volunteer 501 C (3) charity organization, no paid employees and little overhead only small operations costs so most of your donation goes directly to serving those in need. Thanksgiving Events 2022- by the numbers Our Mission Statement-“Food For Friends is a Chicago-based Christian ministry that offers hands-on opportunities to provide food and reach the souls of those in need.” Connect and Give Hope Serving meals Thanksgiving 2022 Food For Friends is serving 8 Thanksgiving dinners complete with all the trimmings all around Chicago land 11-20 Music Box Hyde Park, 175 meals, 12 volunteers 11-22 South Suburban Pads, South Holland 75 meals, 5 volunteers 11-23 Pacific Garden Mission, Chicago, 500 meals, 30 volunteers 11-23 Olive Branch Chicago, 150 meals for seniors, 12 volunteers 11-24 Ewing Annex Mens Hotel Chicago, 175 meals, 6 volunteers 11-24 HELPS Ministry St Charles, 100 meals, 12 volunteers 11-24 West Cook YMCA, 60 meals, 6 volunteers 11-24 Partner with Love Thy Neighbor- Elgin Community Thanksgiving, 1000 meals, 100 volunteers All total, more than 2200 Food For Friends meals are being served at 8 different dinner locations across Chicago land, by over 200 friendly thankful volunteers. Estimate Turkey 2500 lbs, Mashed Potatoes 2000 Lbs, Ham 1000 lbs 500 apple and pumpkin pies.

Food For Friends Blue Bag Events Saturday 11-19-22 Food For Friends had 12 Blue Bag Events all around Chicago Land blessing families in need with bags of complete Thanksgiving meal in a Food For Friends Blue Bag with all the trimmings and a full frozen turkey. Estimate over 200 volunteers have filled 1400 bags of food and 1400 frozen turkeys. More than 25,000 lbs. canned and boxed food, and additional 17,000 lbs. of frozen turkeys.

Again, thank you for your generous support!!



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