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12.18.2021 Meadowview Village Christmas Dinner

On Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021 Food For Friends partnered with Hands and Feet Ministry for the first time to provide a meal to the residents of Meadowview Village in Twin Lakes, WI.  

We had a wonderful event up in Twin Lakes, WI as our ministry spreads out to another state.  There were roughly 40 home residents that attended and another 10+ volunteers from Faith Acres, LifeBridge Church, and youth group members from Fusion Church (Wauconda).

I love, love, love the heart of Michael & Donna (Hands & Feet Ministry) as this was about loving on people, sitting down to dinner, building relationships and making sure people don't feel alone.  Beyond dinner, there was prayer, a Christmas Story reading, Gift Raffle give-aways, as well as a ton of household good giveaways.  Thanks for your faithfulness and agreeing to support this event as I love seeing God show up!



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