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11.24.2021 Thanksgiving at The Pacific Garden Mission

For 20+ years serving a Thanksgiving Eve meal at the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, IL has been a family tradition for many. Typically, this event brings in 100 volunteers to serve 700+ meals to men, women and children. Unfortunately, as last year, like many other things, we were unable to serve at the Pacific Garden Mission. The clients at Pacific Garden Mission are provided daily meals and Food For Friends wanted to continue the tradition to provide a special Thanksgiving Eve meal. We found a way to provide 400 meals for 4pm delivery on Wednesday, Nov. 24, Thanksgiving Eve.

On Tuesday, Nov. 23, four volunteers arrived in the afternoon at Lee ‘ n Eddies to pack a bag of items that contained a dinner roll, cookie, margarine, cranberry sauce, mints, wipes, plastic utensils, napkin and a business card with a bible verse. We packed 400 bags in 3 hours.

On Wednesday, Nov. 24, Lee’n Eddies delivered the pack 400 bags and trays of hot Thanksgiving meal for a 4pm delivery. The meal included turkey, corn, pasta, and mashed potatoes with some delicious gravy.

Although the serving experience was different and we will not have the opportunity to see the smiling faces of the clients receiving the thanksgiving meal. We are happy to report the clients at Pacific Garden Mission enjoyed a Thanksgiving Eve meal provided by Food For Friends.

Special thank you to Dan Veles, owner of Lee ‘n Eddies for his partnership and involvement in making this serving event possible.



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