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11.23.22 Olive Branch Mission Thanksgiving Meal

On November 23, 2022 Food For Friends sponsored the Olive Branch Mission organization with a meal for their residents. Olive Branch Mission is not only the oldest Rescue mission in the City of Chicago, it is also the oldest in the United States. The earliest beginnings of the mission date back to 1867. Olive Branch Mission was founded and led by courageous Free Methodist Women who dared to minister where most would not go.

In a rapidly re-emerging city, Olive Branch Mission addresses the spiritual and physical needs of a very poor and homeless population. The mission applied an aggressive outreach emphasis toward developing intentional relationships with those who were broken, cast aside and rejected by society. Olive Branch Mission has consistently resisted an approach of condescending compassion as it has cared for individuals and families in need. Rather, it has always tried to affirm the dignity and value of each and every person, no matter their condition or immediate circumstances.

This event took place at the Olive Branch Mission building on 6310 S Claremont. During this event we had 13 volunteers, and we were able to feed 150 men, women, and children. This was our first-time volunteering with this organization, and it was a pleasure. Everyone was very appreciative of our support. This continues to show the works of Food For Friends as we continue to support those who are less fortunate within the Chicagoland area.


For more pictures visit our Facebook Album titled, 11-23-2022 Olive Branch Mission Thanksgiving Meal.



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