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10.14.23 Fellowship Housing Graduation Brunch

On Saturday October 14, Food For Friends had the opportunity to serve brunch to single moms and their families who are participants in the Fellowship Housing Program. This was a graduation for 5 families and a welcome for 7 new families. Fellowship Housing is a two year program for single moms to become self-sufficient, pay off their debt, save money, purchase or get gifted a Habitat for Humanity Home, and to enhance their families lives. The moms stories about their journey and how Fellowship and God have moved in their lives and brought them to this amazing self-sufficient place were amazing and moving. As volunteers we were blessed to participate.

The serving group was especially blessed to be together because Julie was a graduate of the program and wanted to give back with her friend Dan. Last year, Enza and coworkers partnered with Food For Friends to provide Thanksgiving meal bags for the families. Colleen and her family and friends partnered with Food For Friends to provide an Easter meal bag for the families. What a blessing for them to participate with Food For Friends and give to the FH families,

The kids played in the playgrounds at Willow, and then were fed by the Food For Friends volunteers, chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and even the broccoli (surprise!) were great hits. The moms were treated to a special meal of eggs, fruit, bacon and sausage, potatoes, pancakes plus multiple drink choices. Lee and Eddies did the wonderful job they always do on the food for the group. Special thank you to the serving group Joan, Enza, Colleen, Julie and Dan.


For more pictures visit our Facebook Album titled, 2023-10-14 Fellowship Housing Graduation Brunch



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